Meet with one of our design consultants to see the potential for your land

Whether you’re building your very first home, or you’ve been around the block a few times, the team at Design 360 will walk you through the design and certification phase of construction. We also offer revolutionary digital life size plan walkthroughs and a fantastic Colour and Design studio.

Block inspection for new homes, renovations or rebuilds

If you’re interested in our services, the first step is to meet with one of our friendly consultants to have a no obligation inspection of your block of land (or the block of land you are thinking about purchasing). We are also more than happy to inspect existing homes if you are considering a knock down/rebuild or a renovation project. 

If you have already chosen a builder to construct your new home, they are welcome to meet with us too.

During this block inspection, we’ll evaluate every detail of your land in order to get an in-depth feel for its unique design challenges. To ensure we are able to create the best design features for your new home, we'll discuss various factors such as: 

  • The best aspect for energy efficiency
  • How to achieve great street appeal
  • Your budget and expectations
  • Your plans for the future and the way you and your family live

DNA consult

If you’re happy to proceed to the next step, we’ll then conduct a Design Needs Analysis (DNA) with you. This consists of running through our list of 180 questions which we’ve formulated to uncover your hidden design and planning needs. This will include looking at how you and your family use each room in your home, how your living situation may change in the future, if you require a fenced off area for pets and even whether you may need high ceilings in your garage to fit in your boat/vehicle. 

Then our talented drafting and design team will create a custom home to suit your needs and be within your price range. Or you can take one of our existing designs and we’ll tweak it if you need us to. 

To arrange your no obligation block inspection, just fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back to you ASAP to confirm a date and time.

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